A part is a part they say!

Not so fast is my response. Have you ever purchased a part for your car solely based on finding the lowest price?? I know I sure have and it almost got me a frying pan to the back of the head when I left the wife stranded on the side of the road. To top it off she didn’t think it was funny when I told her I was drinking a beer from the 12 pack I purchased with the money I saved when she called.
An example, I purchased a aftermarket coil for a Ford pickup. It started and ran fine until it failed a week later. Swapped it out for another one and it made it a couple weeks then failed again. At the insistence of my mechanic friend I spent the extra money on a higher quality one and it has been running fine ever since. All that one cost me was my time which included towing it back home once. It would have been real expensive if I had to pay labor to have it swapped and a tow bill. Several hundred dollars wasted to save a 20 dollar bill on parts.
I often write estimates with aftermarket parts as replacement because the majority of the insurance companies won’t pay for new and good used are not available. We seldom end up using aftermarket parts by working with the OEM parts vendors to buy factory parts at the same price. That way we send your vehicle home with you with a factory fit and finish as no extra cost to you or your insurance company. Our pride in what we do is worth the extra work to do this.

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