All You Need To Know About Auto Body Repairs

If you own a car you would know the importance of an auto body repair shop. A car is prone to damages especially when it goes through a serious road accident. An automobile needs proper maintenance and care to utilize it to the fullest. It is not possible for a normal person to devote time in looking after his automobile when he already has his job to attend to. A proper auto body repair shop can do the necessary repairs to your vehicle. An auto body repair shop can provide spare auto body parts as well as repair where needed.

As you choose an auto body repair shop to fix the damages that your vehicle may have received, you must educate yourself with the necessary know-how of auto repair techniques. Here are a few facts that you might find useful.


To get rid of light scratch and/or marks on your car’s surface, you can consider using a polisher. Apply the polisher gently on the car surface and move it slowly in circular motions all over the scratches unless the marks get invisible. If the scratch and/or marks are deep, you must use a sanding stick to sand the edges of a scratch.

Auto body damages

Auto body damages comprise of dings and dents. If the dents are shallow, a household plunger can do the trick. In case of deep dents, you should use a dent puller and a drill. The correct way to use a dent puller is to drill holes in various areas within a dent. Insert the tip of the puller into a hole and screw it in several turns. Thereafter, push the handle towards the auto. All you need to do after this is to gently pull the handle back towards you. This process should be repeated for the other holes too.

Paint damages

Usually, the paint of a car is treated after all the damages are covered. Two thin coats of primer are applied and allowed to dry. Thereafter, the car surface is wiped with grease remover in order to remove dust particles and fingerprints. Then, apply three coats of paint and park the car in sun for a good amount of time to dry up. You should not paint your car during damp weather.

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  3. Maggie Allen says:

    Thanks for sharing this information about different types of auto body damage. It is really interesting that polishing the scratched area can help get rid of a scratch. If the paint has been stripped from the scratch, how does polishing fix it? At that point, I think you would probably have to repaint the damaged area.

  4. Every car owner knows the importance of an auto body repair shop. When the car is damaged after a road accident, it needs to be repaired and therefore requires an auto body shop. When there are minor scratches over the surface of the car, we must apply the polisher gently moving it in circular motions to remove scratches. If the scratches are major, then we must use the sanding stick to sand the border portion of scratches. Repair shop is also needed in case of auto body damages. These are classified as dings and dents. When the dents are superficial, we remove them by using household plungers, while in case of extensive dents, dent puller & a drill is used generally.

  5. It is a very nice article and comprises some vital information about the auto body repair. Vehicles are made of metals and hence could be damaged due to an accident. So, vehicles need maintenance on a daily basis for better performance and any types of damages should be immediately repaired. Some people try to repair such damages by themselves which could cost us more in future. So, it is necessary to leave such things to the professionals in order to get better results.

  6. Any types of scratches or dent could make us very angry. In order to prevent the appearance of such scratches or dent, we should drive the vehicle very carefully in order to prevent any types of collisions. If any types of collision happens, the degree of damage needs to be evaluated and professionals should be hired to repair such types of damage. I do agree with the fact that we could repair minor damages. However, if the dent is deeper, then it should be leave to the professionals.

  7. Rosa Paula says:

    This blog has been nicely written & an useful one. When the car is damaged after road accident, it needs to be repaired at an auto body repair shop. In case the scratches are minor, we should use the polisher gently to remove them & in major scratches we have to use sanding stick to sand the border portion of the scratches. Some people try to repair the damages of the car on their own. But it will cost them more in the future. So they should take the help of auto professionals to repair the car.

  8. It’s interesting to learn that auto body repair shops can actually provide you with some spare parts that are needed in your car for a successful repair. In that way, you would be able to save up and free yourself from the hassle of thinking of which brand, type, and parts to buy for yourself. This is something that I will keep in mind that moment that I’ll be needing repairs for my own car.

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