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A part is a part they say!

Not so fast is my response. Have you ever purchased a part for your car solely based on finding the lowest price?? I know I sure have and it almost got me a frying pan to the back of the head when I left the wife stranded on the side of the road. To top it off she didn’t think Continue Reading...
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Car Wash Tips!

The weather is supposed to be good this weekend. If you plan to wash your vehicle opt for an automatic car wash with the undercar wash to rinse some of the salt off the underside of your vehicle. This will help keep it looking good much longer as salt tends to cause rust. I try and stay away from the Continue Reading...
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2019 is here!

Another year in the books, the holiday season behind us. The roads can be a challenge and hopefully we all avoid being involved in an accident. In the event you are hit by mayhem and need your car repaired we are here. If a friend or family member has an accident send them our way....
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Saving $50 cost me $250

I got a rock chip in my windshield a few weeks ago. It was an oblong chip that I didn’t think would get any bigger as there were no visible cracks. WRONG! I should have spent the $50 bucks it costs to have the chip filled, now I have to replace the windshield as it cracked all the way across Continue Reading...
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Proceed with caution!

Proceed with caution! A repeat customer stopped in for an estimate on her Kia. She was rear ended by someone she didn’t know who didn’t want to call the police or file a claim and aid they would pay out of pocket. This reminded me of an experience a friend of mine went through in a very similar accident. He Continue Reading...
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