Prevent Delays

Staff February 26, 2021 0
Prevent Delays

There are a few ways to prevent delays when having your car fixed at a body shop. First, after the estimate and pictures have been taken, and before you drop it off at the shop, wash the vehicle, this way the shop don’t have to take the time they could have working on tearing it apart to wash all the dirt and mud off. Please remember to include washing under the wheel wells and in any jams.

Second, clean up the interior, if its just getting the garbage out, and take out personal items. This helps to keep any items from being misplaced or damaged.

Before handing over the keys, check to make sure there aren’t any keys left that you may need while the car is gone (This is more of a courtesy for the customer.)

These few things will prevent any wasted time in promptly starting on repairs.

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